Everyone is familiar with Mad Libs, the word game booklets that no 10-year old in America has any chance of forgetting. Less known is the brand's more risqué companion, Adult Mad Libs. We were approached to re-do the product's logo, entirely from scratch. We considered many options and worked with the client on either re-working or outright rejecting different ideas until only two were left standing. This is the final product below.
Just like its more adolescent companion, Adult Mad Libs uses situations which enjoy wide variations in theme and subject matter. For this reason we thought it best to offer a logo system that changes according to the subject of each individual book. At first we offered only four versions as a proof-of-concept. Later on the series was expanded and built into their brand guidelines. The logos featured above represent: Swinging Evenings, Baby on Board, New Year's Eve, and Dude's Night Out.
Once the design and concept were approved and everyone was locked in to the concept we began expanding it. This is an example of the breadth of topics that the game publisher plans on tackling. Everything from Engagement Party, to Vegetarian Fun.
Last but not least I think it would be fun to show the runner up. In the end the client fell in love with the veratility of the system we showed and while they thought that the runner up logo really captured what the spirit of the game is really all about, they could only choose one of them in the end. That said, everyone agreed it was a really fun logo and we were sad to see him go.
With the final logo sets squared away we began working on other aspects of branding. First up was merchandising and licensing. Namely T-shirts, pint glasses, shot glasses, and coasters, each with unique Mad Libs that would lend themselves well to a bar atmosphere. 
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