A reality show produced by CourtTV, Impossible Heists featured two teams competing to steal various items. Each team member had their own specialized skills. The idea was to highlight all of the different skills each team member brought to the table, and to do so in a slick, sexy way. We began, as always, with concept sketches.
Once we had photographed all of the participants, we set out to define their specialties by placing them in related environments featuring the tools of their trades. Not all of the art ended up being used in the final ads. These are two examples of some art that did not make the cut.
The final art and copy were finalized and we set out doing the various iterations for busses, phone kiosks, wildpostings and billboards. Here are some examples of the final art before it went up.
The end product was finalized, produced, and hung all over the city. Impossible Heists enjoyed a well-viewed premiere as a result.
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